Security Solutions

Many businesses, organizations, as well as government organizations are now required to have comprehensive IT policy and procedures in place before they can be considered operationally secure.

If you are considering developing your own IT procedures and policies manual for your company, you are looking at a serious task that could take weeks to months. Why not expedite the process and, more importantly, do it properly? You can have the IT policies you need today!

Poor IT policy is one of the most common reasons companies lose corporate contracts or fail compliance audits.

Don’t wait for something like this to occur! Why risk uncoordinated network security breach fixes, improper resource utilization, sub-optimal employee productivity, even lawsuits, fines, and penalties? Without proper IT security infrastructure, there is no foundation to fall back on when these events occur, nor are there standardized preventive measures in place to reduce the risk of them occurring.

Let’s face it – IT procedures and policies are a critical component of your business!

With a mission to relentlessly protect our clients from the consequences of cyber attacks, ETU Technology develops security procedures and services that are aimed at meeting the rapidly changing cyber security environment, where evolving cyber crimes are creating gaps that can be exploited. ETU Technology with its partners offer a host of solutions that applies threat intelligence, automation and case management on a security operations platform. Its network security and forensics services provides companies with network visibility and protection against cyber attacks through comprehensive endpoint defense. It protects users from common threats while detecting more sophisticated ones. ETU Technology solutions also detect email-based cyber attacks and block the most dangerous email attacks such as phishing attempts and malicious attachments, among other services.