Custom Time and Attendance Software Development With Multi Languages(English-Greek)

EasyAttendance systems is more advanced and sophisticated versions of the classic time clock. We live at a time where organizations and your employees are operating across different time zones, employees are working all kinds of shift patterns and remote working is commonplace. This is making it increasingly difficult for employers to have insight into employee attendance.

Easy Attendance systems is used by organizations of all sizes, across a range of industries to ensure accuracy of employee’s time and attendance, pay and absence requests. It also allows business a greater degree of control over labor costs, freeing them to drive up productivity and profitability.

  • An easy-to-use and self configurable attendance software

    EasyAttendance offers easy-to-use and self configurable features. It allows you to set up rules for regular work hours, under time, overtime and configure group based weekends, shifts, holiday calendar and much more. This helps to map the attendance process and workflow as per your company’s policy.
    The software enables HR to track real-time attendance with their most favorite, yet simple to use features. No need for additional training before using the product. In fact, you can keep adding more functionality as you need. Make the most of this opportunity and maximize the value of attendance software for yourself.

  • Efficient shift scheduling with the best shift management software:

    Manually processing of shifts and employee schedules is time-consuming and exhausting. EasyAttendance shift management software is a cost-effective tool that reduces administrative workload and manages employee time and shifts effortlessly. HR managers can assign or enable self-schedule shift options for any group of employees.

  • Complete visibility with attendance reports and analytics

    get complete visibility of all your employees’ time and attendance records through effective reports and attendance data analytics. managers can generate time and attendance tracking reports in just a few clicks: view work hours, absenteeism, overtime, regularization requests, and more.