EasyTrack CRM

Seamlessly Simplifying Powerful CRM

EasyTrack CRM PowerMap, a product of innovation from Easy To Use Technology, is a cloud-based CRM solution designed to revolutionize client interactions. Seamlessly integrating sophisticated features with real-time data management, this powerful tool offers an effortless user experience that stands out from conventional CRM tools.

  • Innovative & Effortless Client Mapping:

    Unleash the power of visualizing your global client distribution on an interactive map. Our transaction volume-scaled markers provide an intuitive insight into your clients' geographical spread and their economic significance.

  • Revolutionary CRM Experience:

    Break away from the norm with EasyTrack CRM PowerMap. Assign sales targets, monitor client performance, and manage all client-related details through an innovative interface that takes the complexity out of CRM.

  • Tailored Access Levels:

    Designed with varying user roles in mind, EasyTrack CRM PowerMap offers cutting-edge multi-tier access controls. Clients, branches, customer groups, and software owners all get secure and hassle-free access to the necessary information.

  • Real-time Information Updates:

    With our innovative real-time update feature, observe how client bubbles dynamically change with new transactions and track sales performance updates live, enabling swift, informed business decisions.

  • Dynamic Search Functionality:

    Experience a new level of efficiency with our built-in search bar. It filters results by client code or country code, updating the client information table and highlighting the corresponding client's marker on the map as you type.

  • Integrated Communication Channels:

    Foster internal communication with our innovative built-in channels. This feature ensures everyone stays connected, informed, and able to collaborate effectively.

  • Strategic Support for Expansions and Promotions:

    EasyTrack CRM PowerMap goes beyond being a CRM with sales tools. It's a strategic aid that provides comprehensive reporting for accurate sales performance monitoring and precise target forecasting, supporting your expansion and promotion plans.

With EasyTrack CRM PowerMap, we effortlessly bridge the gap between sophistication and user-friendliness, presenting a unique, innovative CRM experience that redefines the standards of client relationship management.