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In the whirlpool of contemporary and fierce corporate business, people often tend to look for faster and cheaper ways to resolve their everyday problems in the office. LAW-CON consists of different modules, which are so easy to use, that you won’t need to look any further! The solution for your daily business is here! And of course, it can be customized and personalized at your wish.

LAW-CON supports and reflects the constant demand of fiduciary services on the Cypriot market. Like any evolving matter, LAW-CON is constantly developing. It was created to match the standards and levels of already existing established and expensive software, thus competing on local ground. Our advantage? LAW-CON provides a holistic solution to client management at a much lower cost.


    How can we help? From the birth of a company, to its liquidation, you’ve got it all here: Registration forms, easily creating a company under management, a subsidiary or an external company! In this section you will be able to store your whole information: appointments and resignations of company officers, first subscriptions and many other various capital transactions, history of the registered office, information on your lawyer, your authorised persons and other important contacts. We completely understand the necessity of a quick and easy access to your company data, that’s why here you will find a super easy way to generate any reports you need: from full Corporate Registers, to the Registrar’s HE forms, invoices and structure charts. There is no place for mistakes here! Our system automatically makes it impossible for you to duplicate a record, or generate the wrong document, but at the same time gives you a freedom to opt for a creation of your own report, according to your needs.

    • Handling of your company
    • Officers and Registered Address
    • Capital and Share History
    • Documents and Templates
    • Search and Report


    Lately under the CySec regulations, the fiduciary service providers are obliged to perform a Compliance check on all companies under their management. As this has become very important part of our daily work, we have adjusted some certain reports to suit the needs of a Compliance officer. KYC documentation and information are protected with strict rules. Here you can easily generate a report on simple to very complex company structures, with just a few clicks. Any additional requirements are easily accessed and made into a report, depending on the needs. There are alerts, set to remind you when a document expires. Other reminders are: document renewals, due diligence reminders, audit reminders. Risk Analyses for regulatory authority requirements are also found here.


    The best way to store your whole information on a computer! Here you can file all documents, regardless of their size and volume, and have an easy access to them wherever you are! Our system will warn you in case there are duplications. With the search button you can find your document by either date or even if you know only a part of its name. We find the document even by searching of the text. The system supports any form of the likes: word, PDF, Jpeg, TIF, DocX. You can share your document with relevant people, you can email it. Our system will find it even if it’s in another language!


    As soon as you generate some work, it’s best not to forget about it. You can easily enter an expense to any company, person or contact. Simply add and be able to manage your expenses, by retrieving a report on your expense at any given time! The system will calculate it automatically and show it whether this expense was already reported and/or settled.


    Reports are very important part, contributing to the smoothness of the working process. You can rely on them for any matter that relates with you and your daily work. LawCon can provide you with a clear picture of the company’s position for anything you can request.


    Lets you assign different rights and permissions to the different levels of employee positions in your office, thus preventing future mistakes and at the same time clearly showing your employees their tasks.